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US teen says hacked accounts of Brennan, Johnson for Palestine

20 October 2015 6:07


A US teen says he is the one who has hacked accounts belonging to CIA Director John Brennan as well as Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and that in response to Washington’s policy towards Palestine under a new wave of the Israeli aggression.

Both the spy agencies have reacted to the hack, reported Monday, with FBI and the Secret Service continuing investigations.

The teen, a non-Muslim American high school student with pro-Palestinian views, said through social media that he had been “motivated by opposition to US foreign policy and support for Palestine,” releasing edited portions of data from Brennan’s AOL account, which reportedly includes his 47-page application for top security clearance.

“John and Jeh are both very big people and high-ranking people, so, I mean, if we hacked them, they would be ashamed,” he said in an interview with CNN. “But it was really because the government are killing innocent people, they also fund (Israel) for killing innocent people.”

Meanwhile, reports by the US media alleged that no sensitive information would be in the accounts, however, the data could be embarrassing for the intelligence chiefs.

“I can’t believe he did this to the head of the CIA,’’ an unnamed source told Washington Post. “[The] problem with these older-generation guys is that they don’t know anything about cybersecurity, and as you can see, it can be problematic.”

Reports of the hack emerged as tension was at its peak between Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces.

A DHS spokesman issued a statement saying, “We don’t discuss the Secretary’s security information. We have forwarded this matter to the appropriate authorities.”

The CIA also said in a statement that it is “aware of the reports that have surfaced on social media and have referred the matter to the appropriate authorities.”

Since the current violence erupted on October 1, Israeli troops and armed settlers have killed some 45 Palestinians while eight Israelis have dies in clashes.

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