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Foreign Mercenaries Arrive in Syria to Support Terrorists

21 October 2015 18:05


A large number of foreign mercenaries have arrived in the province of Idlib, Northwestern Syria, to help the terrorists fight the government troops, Russia announced.

“The leaders of terrorist groups are trying to recoup the losses which they suffered in battles against the Syrian army or occurred as a result of militants’ desertion from the frontline,” ITAR-Tass quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying on Tuesday.

A huge number of foreign mercenaries are arriving in Idlib province, the ministry quoted the Syrian reconnaissance information as saying.

Meantime, the Russian Armed Forces General Staff said that the terrorists defending the town of al-Shaykh Maskin in Daraa province were short of ammunitions and personnel.

“They have had nothing to eat for the past three days. The local population is avoiding any cooperation (with the militants) and is refusing to help them,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

It said that the militants were depressed by the huge losses as cases of desertion from the frontline have become commonplace.

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