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2 Palestinian youths fatally shot by Israeli troops in O. J’lem

22 October 2015 7:35


Two Palestinian youths were fatally shot by the Israeli occupation troops on early Thursday morning on claims that they attempted to carry out an anti-occupation stabbing attack.

Israeli news outlets provided controversial versions on the crime, claiming the two young men tried to get into a bus to carry out a stabbing attack before they were shot dead by the Israeli occupation soldiers.

However, other Israeli news outlets claimed the youngsters were trying to gain access into the Beit Shemesh synagogue before they were detected and shot by Israeli guards. The same sources alleged that the youngsters were killed after they stabbed and moderately wounded one of the guards.

Observers, however, said the two Palestinian young men were shot in the typically cold-blooded manner Israelis have always murdered Palestinian anti-occupation protesters.

Scores of human rights organizations have accused the Israeli occupation of deliberately slaughtering Palestinian protesters and activists in such a remarkably hysterical and arbitrary manner. Many such instances have been documented by live snapshots and video footage.

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