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Daesh’s acts of terror on the rise over past months

22 October 2015 12:32


A new study shows a huge surge in terrorist acts carried out by Takfiri Daesh extremists, with over 1,000 attacks and nearly 3,000 deaths worldwide in the past three months.

The study, which was conducted by the London-based analysis firm, IHS Jane’s, and released on Thursday, found that 2,978 people lost their lives in 1,086 raids staged by the terrorists from July to September, a dramatic 65-percent rise in the average daily killings and a 42-percent jump in daily attacks by the group, compared to the previous three months.

IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Center, which uses open sources to collect data, said the terror group probably conducted far more attacks that could not be registered.

The study also suggested that airstrikes by the US-led coalition purportedly targeting Daesh positions in Iraq and Syria for over a year now, have only had a limited impact on the militants.

Daesh “is seemingly still some way from being sufficiently weakened (by the coalition’s air raids) to allow the recapture of territory, let alone be defeated,” Matthew Henman, the head of the Terrorism and Insurgency Center, told AFP.

The US and some of its allies have been conducting airstrikes against alleged Daesh extremists inside Syria without any authorization from Damascus or a UN mandate since September last year. The airstrikes in Syria are an extension of the US-led aerial campaign against purported Daesh positions in Iraq, which started in August 2014. Many have criticized the ineffectiveness of the coalition raids.

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