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Gitmo detainee Aamer waiting to reunite with family in UK

22 October 2015 12:31


The last British national held at the notorious US military prison in Guantanamo Bay says he remains hopeful about returning to the United Kingdom.

In a letter sent to media through his lawyer, Shaker Aamer said the first thing he would do upon his freedom that he would take a cup of coffee. Aamer is likely to be freed from the Guantanamo prison at this weekend.

“I am not getting my hopes up about being back in the UK,” he said adding that there have been so many false promises over the years.

Aamer remained in the US detention center despite previous promises and clearance of his release by the Obama administration. In 2011, amidst public protests, Shaker was again cleared for release and even England seemed to be wanting him back. Last month, Washington made fresh announcement indicating that he would be freed after nearly 14 years in custody.

The announcement of his release was made on 25 September, and by law the US Congress has to review the inmate transfer within 30 days.

Supporters and campaigners for Aamer’s release have recently urged the US to honor its commitment warning that a delay in the release will cause an angry backlash in Britain.

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