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Lebanese Sunni Cleric: Axis of resistance originates from teachings of Imam Hussein

22 October 2015 18:26


Secretary General of the Union of Resistance Scholars said the Axis of Resistance has its origins in the teachings of Imam Hussein (AS).

Sheikh Maher Hammoud said the Axis of Resistance, which includes countries from Iran to Lebanon and Palestine, is based on the ideology of pure Muhammadan Islam and the Islamic values.
He also praised the resistance of the Palestinian youth against the Zionist regime, describing them as role models for everyone, reported Iqna.

The Axis of Resistance refers to the Middle East’s anti-arrogance countries such as Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Sheikh Hammoud referred to the recent arrest of Ahmed al-Asir, a Salafist preacher who was involved in a deadly shootout with Lebanese government troops last year, and said political pretexts should not prevent the trial of al-Assir and others who have committed crimes.
Ahmed al-Assir was arrested in Lebanon in August.

He had been supporting foreign-backed terrorists in Syria since the war began in the Arab country in 2011.

In June 2013, 12 Lebanese soldiers were killed when Assir and a number of others opened fire on the soldiers in the southern city of Sidon.

In 2014, a military judge recommended prosecutors seek death sentences for Assir and 53 others, including former singer Fadel Shaker.

He and his associates were accused of “having formed armed groups that attacked an institution of the state, the army, killed officers and soldiers, took explosive materials and light and heavy weapons and used them against the army”.

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