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Yemen Crisis: More Than 5500 Civilians Have Been Killed

22 October 2015 15:50
Yemen Crisis: More Than 5500 Civilians Have Been Killed

Yemen Crisis: More Than 5500 Civilians Have Been Killed


Death toll rises as Saudi Arabia’s allies intensify ground operation in Yemen.

6,000 civilians have been killed in seven months of war. This number has not been independently confirmed, but a recent report from the World Health Organization says that 5,564 people have been killed, more than half of whom are civilians, and roughly 26, 568 have been injured since Saudi Arabia began its operation in Yemen — exceeding the civilian death toll for the same period in Syria.

Earlier this week, Sudan sent in an additional 6,000 troops trained in guerilla warfare into Yemen to fight alongside the Saudi Arabia-led coalition currently battling Yemen army.

Egypt and Morocco are also expected to increase their ground forces in the coming weeks, an army spokesperson informed.

As of the end of July, more people had died in Yemen from explosives weapons – mortars, rockets, missiles and bombs that can be either air or ground launched — than in any other country in the world, according to a report from Action On Armed Violence (AOAV), a U.K.-based charity that monitors armed violence.

After months of bombs, the Saudi-led coalition ­­expanded to include ground forces. In September, Egypt and Qatar sent soldiers into Marib to join troops already on the ground from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Qatar sent some 1,000 troops and Egypt, which has one of the strongest armies in the Arab world, sent 800 troops armed with tanks and military transport vehicles.


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