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Lebanese Security Forces Foil ISIL Plot for Terrorist Attacks on Ashura Mourners

23 October 2015 8:56



The Lebanese security forces thwarted the ISIL terrorist group’s plot to launch a series of terrorist operations and suicide blasts on Shiite mourners during Ashura ceremonies, marking the anniversary of the martyrdom of Shiite Islam’s third Imam.

The Lebanese forces arrested the ISIL religious leader in Ain al-Hilweh Camp who sought to practice sabotage acts in Ashura mourning ceremonies in Lebanon.

The ISIL terrorist has confessed that he had infiltrated into Lebanon through Raqqa province in Northern Syria.

The Ain al-Hilweh camp is home to more than 54,000 registered Palestinian refugees who have been joined in recent years by thousands of Palestinians fleeing the fighting in Syria, specially after their camp near Damascus came under attack by different groups of militants.

More than 450,000 Palestinians are registered in Lebanon with the UN agency for Palestinian refugees UNRWA.

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