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Yemeni Army Overpowers the Saudi Coalition Forces to Capture Jabal Al-Maleh in Marib

23 October 2015 7:29


The Yemeni Army – in coordination with the civilian-led popular committees -surprised the well-armed Saudi-led Coalition with a powerful assault on their positions at Jabal Al-Malah (Salt Mountains) inside the Marib Governorate, resulting in the death of several soldiers from the Arab Coalition Forces and the destruction of three armored vehicles inside this central Yemeni province.

According to field reports from the Marib Governorate, the Yemeni Army and civilian-led popular committees seized Jabal Al-Malah en route to the Kofal Camp, which is located to the south of this small mountain chain in central Yemen; this region is also considered an oil rich part of the country, as several oil wells can be located around the province.

Elsewhere, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces carried out a violent attack on the civilian militias inside the city of Ta’iz, killing several fighters and civilians in the process; this ground assault was followed by a series of airstrikes from the Saudi Air Force, who relentlessly targeted the densely populated sections of this city.

Since the Saudi-led Coalition began their ground and air campaign in Yemen, over 6,000 Yemenis have been reportedly killed by indiscriminate airstrikes and building-to-building firefights; however, according to U.N. reports, the overwhelming majority of these casualties have come as a result of the Saudi Air Force’s relentless air raids in the cities of Sanaa and Saada.

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