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Syrian Army Carries Out a Successful Ambush Near Dara’a City

25 October 2015 13:02


Syrian Army’s 15th Brigade of the 5th Armored Division carried out a successful ambush outside the provincial capital of the Dara’a Governorate, killing 10 members of the Free Syrian Army’s “Southern Brigades’ and wounding 17 others before they attacked the aforementioned Islamist group’s positions at the town of Al-Yadouda.

According to a military source from the 5th Division inside the provincial capital of Dara’a, the Syrian Arab Army’s 15th Brigade received intel from their Russian advisors after the latter’s drones captured images of the Islamist rebels of the Free Syrian Army’s Southern Brigades traveling south from Al-Yadouda towards Dara’a City in order to attack the Syrian Armed Forces’ defensive positions.

Unaware of the trap that awaited them, the Islamist rebels of the Free Syrian Army’s Southern Brigades traveled directly into the 15th Brigade’s ambush outside of Al-Yadouda; this attack ended rather quickly, as the Islamist rebels fled the scene of the assault after sustaining heavy casualties at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army.

The town of Al-Yadouda is strategically located north of Dara’a City; it was captured by the Islamist rebels at the beginning of their large-scale summer offensive that ended with their failed assault on the provincial capital.

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