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Abu Marzouk: Israeli occupation against history, will vanish

26 October 2015 5:55


“The Israeli occupation runs contrary to history and has no future in the region,” senior Hamas leader Moussa Abu Marzouk said Sunday.

Abu Marzouk, a member of Hamas political bureau, said in statements posted on his Facebook page: “The Israeli occupation is going through an array of paradoxes in the Arab region and its illegal policies cannot last out for so long.”

“The Israeli occupation has transgressed the international law. It has not been brought before international courts because that’s what the U.S. has always opted for,” he added.

“The Israeli occupation is the only entity in the world that oppresses people and launches a cry for help; the only entity in the world that occupies another land and acts as if it were the victim; and, above, all it is the one and only entity that considers Jews to be God’s chosen people,” the Hamas official stated.

Abu Marzouk further said that “Israel is the only entity that calls on Jews to come and enjoy welfare and security but at the same time warns that Iranian rockets will fall on their heads.”

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