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Imam Hussein does not belong to one religion

27 October 2015 6:39


“Imam Hussein (PBUH) does not belong to one specific religion,” stressed one of the members of Hezbollah Executive council.

The member of Hezbollah Executive Council, Sheikh Hasan Baqdadi in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) underscored, “Imam Hussein (PBUH) does not belong to one specific religion, sect or tribe.”

“His uprising was formed based on symbols such as reform, assistance to counter evil and the principles of enjoining good and forbidding wrong,” said the religious thinker adding, “When it comes to Imam Hussein, non-Muslims do not pen about His religious status.”

“What they describe about him is his role in reforming and combating against falsehood,” said the Sheikh Hasan Baqdadi adding “As Imam Hussein (PBUH) stood up to confront Yazid, he was after counting evil, corruption, and defending dignity and humanity.”

“Many a non-Muslim take Imam Hussein’s (PBUH) uprising for reforming and in doing so resort to various humane concept such as fulfilling independence, freedom, and dignity to delineate what he had done.”

“People have become aware that Takfiris target not only Shiites but also Sunnis Christians, Druze,” underlined the religious cleric stressing the extremist group seek to tarnish the divine religion of Islam and debilitate the power of this religion in the region.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Sheikh Hasan Baqdadi beckoned to the elevated role of religious clerics in the present situation and in ironing out the unresolved conflicts and unsolved disputations noting they should play their part in promoting unity and rapprochement among Muslims.

The member of Hezbollah Executive Council urged Muslims and Non Muslims to take the cognizance of Ashoura and Karbala lessons noting all human kind including Shiite and Sunnis should follow what Imam Hussein (PBUH) was after.

Muslims worldwide hold mourning rituals during the month of Muharram on the lunar calendar in remembrance of the suffering imposed on the religious icon, his family and his companions, by the tyrant of the time Yazid I, an Umayyad caliph, back in the seventh century.

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