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So-called Muslim(!) Governments of Riyadh, Ankara in Collaboration to Supply Terrorists in Syria with Ukraine’s SAM Missiles

27 October 2015 15:19


Turkey and Saudi Arabia have developed a plan to supply sophisticated air defense missile systems to the terrorist groups in Syria from the Ukrainian army.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey are spending huge sums to open their path into the Ukrainian army’s missile depots to transfer the surface-to-air SAM-8 and SAM-9 missile systems to Northern Syria to strengthen the terrorist groups, the Arabic-language Lebanese al-Akhbar reported on Tuesday.

The daily underlined that the Ukrainian army officials are opposed to Russia and its military strikes against the terrorists in Syria.

According to al-Akhbar, certain sources have revealed that the Saudi-Turkish plan has already made so much success that Russia has revised contingency plans after assessments showed a strikingly higher possibility that their helicopters could be targeted by these anti-aircraft missiles now.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been supplying terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq with arms and funds all throughout the last 4 years.

In relevant remarks, Iraq’s Vice-President Nuri al-Maliki took Saudi Arabia and Turkey responsible for spreading terrorism through their huge continued support for terrorist groups, specially the ISIL.

“The ISIL was a movement created by certain regional states, headed by Saudi Arabia, with sectarian and political goals,” Maliki, a former Prime Minister, told FNA in the Northeastern city of Mashhad in August.

“The ISIL is supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey as Ankara sought to overthrow President Assad’s government,” he added.

Elsewhere, Maliki referred to the internal situation in Iraq and its fight against the terrorist groups, and underlined the popular forces’ vital role in taking back ISIL-held regions.

The popular forces helped the Iraqi army after senior clerics issued a fatwa (religious decree) in support of campaign against terrorism and “we believe that there wouldn’t have been any Iraq now if it hadn’t been for them”, he added.

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