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Syrian Army Forces Preparing for Joint Liberation Operation in Palmyra

29 October 2015 10:25



An intelligence source disclosed on Wednesday that the Syrian Army forces preparing to launch a joint massive operation to win back militant-held Palmyra city in the Central Homs province.

The commander of the Syrian ground force, National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Russian air force are reviewing the last steps of their joint operation to recapture the ancient city of Palmyra from the ISIL terrorists.

Last week, scores of the ISIL terrorists were killed or wounded after their hideouts in al-Bayaraat near the ancient city of Palmyra were massively targeted by the Syrian forces.

The army sources said that the ISIL positions in al-Bayaraat in the Central Homs province were pounded in the Syrian army’s attack, destruction of all infrastructure of the militant site was also reported.

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