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Black Lives Matter activists interrupt Clinton’s speech

31 October 2015 15:37


Black Lives Matter activists have interrupted Hillary Clinton while she was speaking at a historically black university in South Carolina about reforming the criminal justice system in the US.

The Democratic presidential contender was giving a speech on Friday when the protesters interrupted her by chanting “black lives matter.”

The protesters were trying to highlight police brutality against Americans, in particular, people of color. They also were protesting racism against and mass incarceration of African Americans.

At first, Clinton acknowledged them, saying “Yes they do and I’m gonna talk a lot about that in a minute,” but then she tried ignoring them by shouting her remarks over the slogans the activists were chanting.

“I have some issues to discuss and proposals to make if our friends will allow me to do it. They may actually find them to their liking,” Clinton said.

“I’m sorry they didn’t listen, because some of what they demanded I am offering and intend to fight for as president,” she added.

#AUCShutItDown, an Atlanta-based group affiliated with Black Lives Matter, issued a statement on the same day, saying that “unfortunately, rhetoric DOES NOT save us, nor does it give confidence to black voters that we can trust Hillary to prioritize the necessity of ensuring our safety.”

“We’ve been waiting for weeks to see the platform that addresses these issues from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. We will wait no more.”

The Black Lives Matter movement was formed after George Zimmerman was acquitted of the 2012 shooting death of black teenager Trayvon Martin.

The shooting sparked mass protests across the US and intense discussions over race relations in the country because Martin was unarmed when he was shot by Zimmerman.

Also, a new wave of protests began after unarmed African American Michael Brown was shot in August, 2014 by officer Darren Wilson in the city of Ferguson, Missouri.

The fatal shootings of Brown and several other black people by white police officers led to months of protests across the United States.

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