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EXCLUSIVE: Syrian Army Gearing Up to Block Terrorists’ Flow from Jordan to Daraa

31 October 2015 10:31



Syrian army is continuing its military operations in Daraa to prevent the flow of terrorists and weapons through its Southern border with Jordan.

The army units destroyed the terrorists’ positions in an area near the Sa’ad ibn Abi Vaqqas Grand Mosque, Yarmouk School and stone factory in Daraa al-Balad in Northern parts of Daraa city.

The Syrian troops also destroyed the terrorists’ positions in the Southern parts of Kharbe Ghazaleh town.

Meantime, Syrian MP Faisal Azour said that the Syrian army’s advances in the South and frequent defeats of terrorists all indicate the terrorist groups have been defeated, specially in Daraa.

Military sources said that the ongoing clashes in Daraa will continue until the terrorists are fully defeated.

On Friday, large groups of militants were reportedly killed in a Syrian army offensive in the Daraa.

The army targeted terrorists’ positions in Mukhayam al-Nazihin neighborhood in Daraa city, killing all members of a terrorist group and destroying their weapons and munitions.

The Syrian troops also destroyed militants’ positions in the areas of Daraa al-Mahata area and Daraa al-Balad in Daraa city.

Also on Friday, all members of a terrorist group were killed in the Syrian Army attack in Western parts of Mzeirib town in Daraa province, local officials declared.

The sources said that the militants’ gathering centers in the Northwestern parts of Daraa in Mzeirib town were massively raided by the army troops, leaving all members of the group dead.

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