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Syrian Army Pushes Back ISIL Further, Comes Very Close to Kuweires Airbase

1 November 2015 21:51



The Syrian Army, Lebanese Hezbollah fighters and popular forces won a series of tough clashes with militant groups in the Southern part of Sheikh Ahmad town in Aleppo province and are now just less then 3 kilometers to the strategic Kuweires Airbase, field sources informed on Sunday.

The sources said that the joint operations of the Syrian army troops, Hezbollah fighters and National Defense Forces (NDF) that have been underway with the Russian air backup for the last one month have forced the militant groups, specially ISIL, to withdraw from the Southern parts of Sheikh Ahmad town near the Kuweires airbase.

The government forces have passed the railroad crossing near Sheikh Ahmad and have only 2,600 meters to reach to the gates of the airbase, the sources added.

The sources said that the militant groups have suffered heavy casualties in the latest stage of the pro-government troops’ joint operations last night.

On Saturday, the Syrian Army, popular forces and Hezbollah fighters, backed up by Russian fighter bombers, advanced against the ISIL terrorists in the surrounding areas of the Kuweires Airbase.

The sources said that the Syrian soldiers, the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters seized back dozens of buildings in the town of Sheikh Ahmad after taking full control over the Southern and Central regions of the town.

In the meantime, the ISIL positions in Sheikh Ahmad and around the Kuweires airbase were bombed by the Russian jets, which resulted in the heavy death toll of the terrorists.

The ISIL Takfiri terrorists have besieged the Kuweires airbase for over 2.5 years now, but the base itself is under the Syrian army’s control.

Hundreds of Syrian forces are under a tight siege at the airbase as a result of the occupation of vast areas surrounding the airport by the terrorists.

The Syrian army’s helicopters supply foodstuff and other needs to the Syrian troops defending the airport.

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