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Daesh executes dozen children in Iraq’s Mosul

2 November 2015 12:33

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Daesh has killed several children and teens recruited by the Takfiri terrorist group in Iraq’s northern city of Mosul apparently because they had tried to desert.

Saeed Mamuzini, a senior official from the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party, told Erbil-based Rudaw news online newspaper on Saturday that 12 children, aged 12 to 16, were executed after they allegedly tried to escape the militant-held city of Mosul.

“The children were receiving training at Ashti military camp in Mosul and they were caught trying to escape,” Mamuzini further said, adding that they were mostly Arabs from Mosul.

It is not the first time Daesh has violently executed minors. Back in August, the terror group killed 15 young boys, aged 13 to 18, after fled fighting in the Baaj region, west of Mosul.

Reports say that Daesh has abducted hundreds of children, mainly from Mosul, over the past few months and has forced them to take part in battles.

The children undergo military training and are subjected to hard-line indoctrination after recruitment.

Some videos released by the group show recruited children or teenagers executing captive soldiers and civilians.

Gruesome violence has plagued the northern and western parts of Iraq ever since Daesh launched its offensive in Iraq and took control of portions of the country in June 2014.

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