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No compromise over principles: Rouhani

2 November 2015 15:18



Iran’s President Rouhani commented on Iran’s foreign policy in his Monday meeting in Tehran with Iranian representatives to foreign countries.

“Today, Iran’s Foreign Ministry embodies independence, logic and national might of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said President Hassan Rouhani on Monday delivering speech at the gathering of Iranian ambassadors, diplomats and staff of Iran’s embassies in foreign countries.

Rouhani stressed that Iran’s diplomacy bears no compromise over the principles of the Islamic Republic adding that the world respect toward Iranian diplomats equals respect to Iran’s mighty nation, and that heightens the status of Foreign Ministry among the people.

“Political power is in constructive interaction with the world and win-win equation is the only path to good results,” affirmed Rouhani warning that, “we still have to be careful of our principles and frameworks not to retreat over our religious and national identity and honor.”

President Rouhani boasted the economic achievements of his term drawing a comparison between the rates of the economic growth of his early days and today, in addition to landmark fall of inflation rate after his stepping into office.

“We clarified on the international stage that the reign of Iranophobic discourse is over, as we proposed the plan of ‘World Against Violence and Extremism’ at the United Nations and it was passed unanimously,” asserted the president of the Islamic Republic.

Calling the Vienna agreement of July 14 a big achievement in realms of foreign policy and nuclear program of Iran, he dedicated it to the Iranian nation saying that “it is owed not to my administration or the Foreign Ministry but to the great nation of Islamic Iran who deserved such a victory.”

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