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URGENT: Terrorists Confirm Death of 3 Top Commanders in Aleppo

2 November 2015 15:11



Terrorist groups acknowledged the death of, at least, 3 senior commanders in Syrian airstrikes on the Takfiri militants’ positions in Aleppo province.

The terrorist groups said on their social media pages that Abu Mua’az al-Sham, the military commander of “Sraya al-Tawheed and al-Jihad” group affiliated to the al-Nusra Front, was killed.

The field commander of Ahrar al-Sham terrorist group, Abu Adam, and Ashraf Jumaa al-Mhayer, a senior commander of the same group, were also identified among the dead, according to the terrorist groups.

The Syrian army has intensified its wide-scale attacks on terrorist groups across Aleppo.

Battlefield sources informed earlier today that most militant positions, mainly those of ISIL, have come under large-scale operations of the Syrian army, popular forces and Hezbollah in Northeast, East and Southeast Aleppo.

The army razed to the ground the terrorists’ strongholds in Hreitan, al-Shamir and Talat al-Shawaya in Northeastern Aleppo.

Tens of Takfiri terrorists were killed and dozens more were injured in heavy clashes with the army.

Also, the terrorist positions in al-Hader, Kifr Halab, Khalsah, Sheikh Ahmad, al-Muqbila, al-Muflisa and Deir Hafer on the Eastern and Southeastern sides of Aleppo were also massively stormed by the Syrian army, Hezbollah fighters and National Defense Forces (NDF), the sources said.

They further added that there have been reports of mass destruction of the militants’ positions and their heavy casualties as a result of the government forces operations in the abovementioned locations.

The militants’ centers in East and Southeast of Aleppo city were heavily targeted by the Syrian and Russian fighter bombers before the government forces’ ground operation.

The Syrian army liberated 13 towns and villages in Aleppo province on Saturday and Sunday.

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