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Great Satan US Provided Syria Terrorists with RC Drones

3 November 2015 21:27



The Remote Control (RC) drones downed by the Syrian army last week in Daraa countryside was American drones, sources said on Tuesday.

Syrian army downs RC drones

Field sources in Syria said that the drones downed in Ezraa area in Daraa countryside in October 26 is of are Switchblade triCopters.

The three-rotor SwitchBlade, a small, collapsible RC drone is designed to compete with radially symmetric quadrotors in the realms of search and rescue, infrastructure inspection, aerial photography, research, and (of course) recreational flight.

The sources cited information saying that the US led Military Operations Center (MOC) provided the insurgents with the drones, noting that the range of such drones reaches 10 km.

The drones can fly for about 11 minutes, the sources added.


Syrian army downs RC drones in Daraa

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