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Army Recaptures Al-Fark Mountain in North of Syria’s Lattakia

4 November 2015 18:06


Al-Fark Mountain in the Northern part of the coastal province of Lattakia was regained by the Syrian Army troops after fierce clashes with the militant forces on Wednesday.

The Syrian government forces carried out massive operations against the militant groups in the Northern territories of Lattakia and pushed back the terrorists from al-Fark mountain.

This strategic mountainous region is now under full control of the Syrian army.

The militant groups sustained heavy casualties in the army offensive.

The militants’ military hardware were also destroyed in the government forces’ assaults.

On Sunday, the Syrian army stormed militants’ positions in the Northern parts of the coastal province of Lattakia and came in control over Ghamam town and its surrounding mountains.

Reports said also on Sunday that the Syrian army, backed by Russian warplanes, won back a village in Lattakia province from the Takfiri militants in a surprise attack against the terrorists.

The Syrian army regained full control over Jub al-Ahmar village in Lattakia, and killed scores of Takfiri terrorists.

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