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Syrian Army Marching on Militant Positions North of Homs Province

4 November 2015 16:01



At least three regions in the Northern territories of Homs province have been under massive attacks of the Syrian army since the early hours of Wednesday, local sources said, and reported massive casualties among the militants during the clashes.

Talbiseh, al-Shawmaryeh al-Qneitrat and al-Mishrfi regions were the scenes of heavy clashes between the Syrian Armed Forces and the militant groups in North of the Central Homs province, the sources said.

The army’s operations in the abovementioned locations inflicted heavy casualties on the terrorist groups, whose military equipment and vehicles were also destroyed in the offensives.

Sources said on Tuesday, several positions of the ISIL Takfiri terrorists were destroyed in Syrian air raids in Homs.

Syrian warplanes destroyed strongholds of the ISIL terrorists in the towns of al-Qaryatain, and Maheen and the villages of al-Hadath and al-Hafr in ‎Homs countryside.

Sources said the Syrian army killed 25 ‎ISIL terrorists, and destroyed six of their vehicles near Maheen village in ‎Homs countryside.

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