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Another refugee kid drowns near Greece

5 November 2015 14:39


A boat carrying asylum seekers has overturned off the Greek island of Kos, killing one refugee child and leaving another missing.

According to the Greek coastguard, the boat capsized on Thursday, triggering a rescue operation in search of survivors.

Rescuers have managed to pull out 14 people, including a man who said his six-year-old child was missing. The kid is said to have toppled into the sea.

The dead bodies of five refugees, including a woman and two children, were recovered early on Wednesday, the Greek coastguard said.

Over 400 refugees, among them many children, have drowned in the Aegean Sea since the beginning of 2015 in their attempt to cross the waters from neighboring Turkey. At least 80 asylum seekers died in October alone.

More than 590,000 people have entered Greece over the same period in order to reach wealthier European countries. Most of the asylum seekers who risk their lives to reach Europe are reportedly fleeing conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East.

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