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IRGC intelligence department says US, UK behind anti-Iran media campaign

5 November 2015 10:36



An expert with the intelligence department of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the United States and Britain have provided financial and political support for a media campaign against Iran.

The IRGC recently identified and arrested some members of a circle of media professionals engaged in a complicated campaign against the Islamic Republic.

On Wednesday, an expert with the IRGC intelligence department, named Asif, told Iran’s state TV that the network has had the financial support of the US intelligence services and the political backing by the UK.

The recent arrests were made after about two years of monitoring the activities of the network. The IRGC expert said the people involved in the campaign worked under a wide range of nicknames, and they were competent in their job.

The campaign was meant to recruit journalists and media activists inside Iran, and the recruitment was carried out with the support of certain European countries, including the Netherlands.

The financial support was provided through foreign exchange facilities and certain individuals, the IRGC expert said.

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