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Sudanese attacks Israeli man in response to Israeli violence

5 November 2015 17:55


A Sudanese young man tried to kill an Israeli man during a recent international flight in reaction to Israel’s escalation of violence against the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

According to Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper on Wednesday, the Ethiopian security authorities arrested a Muslim passenger from Sudan after he tried to strangle a Jewish passenger to death aboard an Ethiopian airplane flying from Chad to Addis Ababa last Wednesday.

The newspaper quoted the Israeli passenger, called Arik, as saying that the Sudanese man seemed to have managed somehow to identify him as a Jew before he carried out his assault.

A few minutes before the plane started to land in Addis Ababa, the Sudanese man came from behind Arik’s seat and attacked him before the flight crew and one Lebanese passenger intervened and saved him, according to different news reports.

The incident comes amid ongoing violence between Palestinians and Israelis that started at the Aqsa Mosque after the Israeli police in Jerusalem escalated their attacks against the Muslim worshipers there and announced intents to divide the Islamic holy site between Muslims and Jews.

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