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Syrian Army Reenters the Strategic Town of Morek With the Help of Hezbollah

5 November 2015 6:19


One hour after withdrawing from Morek in northern Hama, the Syrian Arab Army’s 87th Brigade of the 11th Tank Division and the 555th Regiment of the 18th Tank Division regrouped at the southeastern outskirts of this strategic town and launched a counter-assault alongside Hezbollah to retake it from the Islamist rebel forces of Ajnad Al-Sham, Jund Al-Aqsa (Syrian Al-Qaeda affiliate), and the Free Syrian Army’s 505th Regiment.

According to a battlefield report from a journalist entrenched with the SAA’s 87th Brigade, the Syrian Armed Forces were able to reenter Morek after the Russian Air Force’s MI-24 Hind Helicopter Gunships conducted several airstrikes over the Islamist rebel positions, destroying a large building that contained several enemy combatants inside.

Following the Russian Air Force’s bombardment, the Syrian Armed Forces and Lebanese Resistance reportedly reentered Morek after breaking through Jund Al-Aqsa’s frontline defenses, resulting in the pro-government forces recapturing the southeastern entrance to the town.

In addition to the SAA’s gains, several field reports from inside the town of Morek alleged that the Islamist rebel forces suffered a significantly high death toll during the Syrian Arab Army/Hezbollah counter-assault; however, there have been no images to confirm this casualty report.

Pro-government journalists reporting from northern Hama have alleged that the Syrian Arab Army has recaptured Morek from the Islamist rebel forces, but there has been no official confirmation from the Syrian Armed Force Central Command.

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