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Lebanon Recuperates Citizen Abducted by Israeli Army

7 November 2015 11:48


The Lebanese Army Intelligence recuperated – via UNIFIL – the Lebanese citizen, ‘Ali Ahmad ‘Assi, after he was reportedly abducted by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) along the Lebanese-Israeli border on Thursday morning.

According to the Lebanese Army Intelligence’s most recent communique on Friday, ‘Assi was abducted by the Israeli Defense Forces near the U.N. declared “Blue Line”, which is located at the outskirts of Maroun Ras village in southern Lebanon.

This is not the first that the Israeli Defense Forces have violated Lebanon’s sovereignty; however, the United Nations and other foreign entities have intervened on numerous occasions to halt the abduction of Lebanese civilians.

‘Ali Ahmad ‘Assi is believed to be in good health and has reportedly returned home after he was released by the Israeli authorities; it is believed that he was under intense interrogation by the Israeli Defense Forces for alleged connections to Hezbollah.

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