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Russian plane black boxes point to bomb explosion: Sources

7 November 2015 7:55


The analysis of the Black boxes recovered from a Russian plane that recently crashed over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula reveals the aircraft was probably brought down by a bomb on board, sources close to the investigation say.

Based on the analysis of flight data and voice recorders, “everything was normal” at first; however, the conditions changed 24 minutes after takeoff and the recordings pointed to “a very sudden explosive decompression,” one source said on Friday.
Another investigator told French TV station France 2 that the sound of an explosion could be heard on the black boxes, stressing that the blast was not consistent with an engine failure.

“The theory of an explosive device, with local complicity, is being taken seriously. Nothing is proven yet, but it is a real possibility,” a European official said after discussing the issue with a Western intelligence agency, Reuters reported.

“They believe that what Daesh is saying has a good chance of being credible,” the official added.

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