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Syrian Army Captures Militants’ Stronghold in Hama Province

7 November 2015 11:30


The Syrian army continued its advances in Hama on Friday and took control of a key region in the Central province.

The army seized back Al-Safsafeh village in the Northwestern parts of Hama countryside earlier today.

Tens of terrorists were killed and dozens more were injured in the Syrian army’s operations in Northwestern Hama.

On Wednesday, the Takfiri militants fighting in Hama province came under heavy airstrikes by the Syrian air force, and suffered heavy losses in the attacks.

Syrian warplanes targeted terrorists’ concentration centers in Latmin, al-Lihaya, near Morek and al-Banah in the Northern countryside of Hama, and killed a number of militants and destroyed their machinegun-equipped vehicles.

Syrian army troops also intensified operations against the Takfiri militants in Hama province, and took a heavy toll from the terrorists on Wednesday.

Syrian army targeted terrorists’ concentration centers near Ithriya and Salba in the Eastern countryside of Hama, and killed and injured dozens of militants and destroyed a number of their machinegun-equipped vehicles.

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