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Syrian Forces Kill 40 ISIL Terrorists Near Ancient Palmyra

8 November 2015 12:42



40 ISIL terrorists were killed in the Syrian Army’s offensive against their defense lines in the war over Palmyra in the Eastern part of the Central Homs province, military sources said on Sunday.

Heavy clashes erupted between the ISIL militants and the pro-government forces in the Eastern part of al-Hyal mountain towards al-Bayarat-Palmyra, in which the militant group suffered heavy death toll, including 40 killed and many more wounded members, the sources announced.

Sources said on Saturday that the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) launched massive operations against the defense lines of the ISIL along two main roads to Palmyra.

The sources said that the Syrian soldiers and NDF fighters advanced against the ISIL from Eastern side of al-Bayarat towards the Palmyra Driving School, after engaging in fierce clashes with the ISIL militants.

On the other hand, a large-scale operation was launched by the government forces along the road from Jazal town to Palmyra, in which scores of the terrorist were killed or wounded thus far.

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