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Young Palestinian woman shot by inhuman Israeli troops in anti-occupation stabbing

8 November 2015 17:57


The Israeli occupation army on Sunday morning shot and injured a Palestinian young women in southern Occupied Jerusalem city allegedly after she stabbed an Israeli settler.

Israeli news outlets said the Israeli occupation soldiers fired multiple gunshots at 22-year-old Helwa Salim Alyan allegedly after she stabbed an extremist settler in the illegal Israeli settlement of Betar Illit, to the south of Occupied Jerusalem.

The young woman was left bleeding after she was hit with Israeli bullet fire, the same sources added.

Observers and human rights organizations said most of the Palestinians slain or injured during the ongoing Jerusalem Intifada posed no threat to the occupation soldiers but were rather shot on counterfeit allegations of stabbing attempts.

“Every time the occupation soldiers takes away the life of a Palestinian youth or open fire at him/her, they just place a knife next to his/her body, claim he/she attempted to stab them, and plan for the next crime. The same clichéd scenario has been going on and on for months now,” an on-the-spot observer said.

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