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Hamas: Palestinians can make wonders, victory round the corner

9 November 2015 9:00


Hamas on Sunday hailed the anti-occupation operations carried out by Palestinian youths in response to Israeli terrorism, saying Palestinians can make wonders.

Hamas spokesperson Husam Badran commended the attacks carried out by three Palestinian protesters in response to Israel’s mounting aggression on Islamic sacred places of worship and cold-blooded executions of Palestinian youths.

Badran said the slain Palestinian girl Helwa Salim Alyan, along with other Palestinian youths shot dead by Israeli troops, sacrificed their lives and souls for the sake of their mother land and in protest at the oppression their parents and children have been subjected to at the hands of the Israeli occupation.

Badran urged the Palestinian masses to keep up the anti-occupation uprising and stand up for the rights of Palestinians as well as those of the entire nation.

Three Palestinian youths, including a girl, were killed Sunday by the Israeli army in three separate anti-occupation attacks triggered by daily Israeli aggressions on Muslims’ the holy al-Aqsa Mosque and callous slaughters of civilian youths.

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