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Syrian Forces Start Mop-Up Operations in Eastern, Southern Hasaka

9 November 2015 21:55



The Syrian forces and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) started purging the Eastern and Southern parts of Hasaka province of Takfiri terrorists on Monday after seizing back a large number of regions that included several villages.

The joint Syrian forces attacked the terrorists’ positions along al-Shadadi-Hasaka road and purged terrorists from the villages of Tal Seren and Rajm al-Seyran in the Southern parts of the Hasaka province.

Heavy clashes are underway in the Southern parts of Hasaka province as the army is advancing and seizing back more regions.

Meantime, Syrian forces comprising Kurdish, Assyrian Christian and Izadi fighters managed to advance in the Eastern countryside of Hasaka province and they are preparing for conducting mop-up operations in the strategic village of al-Houl.

After purging terrorists from al-Houl village, the ISIL’s supply line to al-Shadadi region will be fully cut off.

On Sunday, informed military sources announced that the Syrian army and the popular forces are preparing for large-scale and groundbreaking military operations in the Hasaka province.

“The Syrian army’s military operations is aimed at taking control of the remaining ISIL-held regions to thwart the danger posed by the ISIL from the neighboring Raqqa province and also to spread their military operations to Raqqa,” an informed source said.

On Thursday, the Syrian army foiled a car bomb attack in the Eastern countryside of Hasaka.

The Syrian forces safely detonated an ISIL car bomb on Hasaka-al-Houl road in the Eastern countryside of Hasaka.

Last week, Kurdish People’s Protection Units advanced against the Takfiri militants in Hasaka province, reports said.

The Arabic-language al-Mayadeen television said the Kurdish forces advanced in the vicinity of al-Houl town towards the village of al-Bahra in al-Hasaka countryside.

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