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Iraqi Volunteer Forces Capture More Territories in Salahuddin

10 November 2015 21:12


Iraq’s al-Hashd al-Shaabi volunteer forces regained full control of al-Zawiye village in Salahuddin province back from the Takfiri militants on Tuesday.

The al-Hashd al-Shaabi forces reportedly took full control of al-Zawiye village in Baiji city from the terrorists.

There are no more details available.

Meanwhile, Iraqi volunteer forces broke the siege of the town of Saqlawiyah in the province of Anbar and regained control over a large number of areas.

The Hashd al-Shaabi forces advanced in the Northern parts of Fallujah city and seized back vast regions.

A large number of military hardware, including bombs, suicide belts, foodstuff, weapons and explosive, were seized from the ISIL terrorists in Saqlawiyah.

The ISIL besieged Saqlawiyah in September 2014 by cutting the main road to the nearby Sicher camp.

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