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‘Roknabadi seen alive in Mina’

10 November 2015 17:12


Deputy Foreign Minister for Consulate Affairs Hassan Ghashghavi said that Former ambassador to Beirut Ghazanfar Roknabadi was seen alive in the ambulance during the Mina incident.

The person who saw Roknabadi has testified it, Ghashghavi said, noting that “so there is no doubt in it.”

Asked about the probability of abduction, the Iranian official said that they can now say that he is dead, if so we should receive his body. However the possibility of abduction still exists.

Ghashghavi noted that Mina incident is being followed up by negotiations through diplomatic ways; which holds a special meaning and norms in international fields.

Talking about the government’s steps for restoring the rights of those killed in the incident, he added that in order to follow up the case in international fields, other countries also should join us as well.

He noted that according to the Leader’s statements, only Iran is holding a stance on the disaster and other countries have failed to act firmly.

Following the crane collapse, Saudi Arabia established a fact-finding committee a week later and the responsible company was introduced and suspended, but in the Mina incident, as 45 days have passed, no committee has been founded yet, he said.

The disaster occurred on September 24 when two large masses of pilgrims fused together, claiming lives of thousands of pilgrims including 465 Iranians.

Roknabadi and 25 others are among the missing Iranian pilgrims in the incident.


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