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Qatar Announces Its First Fatality in Saudi-Led War in Yemen

11 November 2015 15:17


Qatar said one of its soldiers fighting with a Saudi-led coalition in Yemen to restore power to the country’s fugitive former president has been killed — Qatar’s first reported casualty in the conflict.

Foreign Minister Khalid Bin Mohammed al-Attiyah announced the death Wednesday on Twitter, without identifying the soldier or saying how or when he was killed.

The state-run Qatar News Agency didn’t immediately report on the death, the Associated Press reported.

Saudi Arabia and Arab allies intervened in March to try to restore fugitive former president to power and roll back the Houthis who took control of large parts of the country. The Houthis say their rise to power is a revolution against corrupt officials beholden to Saudi Arabia and the West.

The war has brought the country to the brink of famine and peace talks have yet to end the fighting.

Coalition partners have suffered casualties since the start of the war in March, such as in a September missile attack that killed 52 Emirati troops, 10 soldiers from Saudi Arabia and five from Bahrain.

Saudi-led airstrikes have come under fire for heavy tolls on civilians.

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