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Source: 120 ISIL Militants Killed in Sinjar Operation

13 November 2015 18:32


Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces have taken a heavy toll from ISIL Takfiri terrorists in the battle over the city of Sinjar in Nineveh province, informed sources announced.

“At least 120 ISIL militants have been killed in the battle against the Peshmerga forces in Sinjar city,” the Arabic-language Al-Sumeriya TV quoted medical sources in Nineveh province as saying on Friday.

The sources noted that corpses of ISIL terrorists are in Sinjar mortuary, and said, “All of them have been killed in Sinjar operation.”

The Iraqi Peshmerga forces took full control of the Northwestern city of Sinjar on Friday.

According to Arabic-language Al-Arabiya TV channel, Iraqi sources announced today that Sinjar city is now under the full control of the Peshmerga forces.

“The ISIL terrorists are fleeing Sinjar as the Iraqi forces have started chasing them in the city,” the sources said.

The Peshmerga forces launched the liberation operation of Sinjar On Thursday morning.

Hours later, the Kurdish forces managed to purge the main road between Syria and Iraq of the ISIL terrorists.

Peshmerga managed to take control of several areas, including Syria-Iraq international highway that is connected to the Syrian province of Raqqa.

Raqqa city, the capital of Raqqa province, in Northeastern Syria is seen as ISIL’s stronghold in the country.

The Kurdish forces advanced quickly in Sinjar and they took control of Street 47, al-Shor hill, in Kabara Mountain which overlooks the highway, Sinjar governor’s office and five villages in the Northwestern province.

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