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Scores of Palestinians rally at Aqsa Mosque to protest Israeli violations

14 November 2015 11:48


Hundreds of Muslim worshipers rallied, following the Friday khutba (sermon) and prayers, in the Aqsa Mosque’s courtyards to protest Israel’s escalation of its aggressive practices against the Palestinian people and their holy sites.

Local sources said that hundreds of Palestinians rallied outside the Dome of the Rock Mosque and chanted slogans hailing the heroism of martyrs and the steadfastness of the Aqsa Mosque advocates.

This protest took place as al-Quds intifada (uprising) entered its seventh Friday, amid tight police measures in the Old City of Jerusalem and in the areas around the Aqsa Mosque.

During his Friday khutba, Sheikh Ismail Nawahdah deplored Israel’s persistence in violating the sanctity of the Islamic holy sites, especially the Aqsa Mosque.

Sheikh Nawahdah also condemned Israel’s unprecedented escalation of its violations and crimes against the Palestinians, including the mass killing and arrest campaigns taking place in the occupied territories in full view of the whole world.

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