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Syrian Army Readying for Another Determining Battle: Al-Sirmaniyah Town in Idlib

15 November 2015 8:45


Syrian Army alongside the National Defense Forces (NDF) on Saturday won back more strategic territories at Lattakia-Idlib border, and now are coordinating for the start of a joint operation to capture al-Sirmaniyah in Idlib province.

The Syrian soldiers and NDF fighter pushed back the militant groups from part of al-Ghaab plains near border of Lattakia and Idlib province and took full control over al-Karf mountains after killing or wounding scores of the terrorists.

The pro-government forces are now at a good position to storm the militants’ defense lines near al-Sirmaniyah and recapture the town.

Reports said on Friday that Saraqb area in the Northwestern province of Idlib was the scene of heavy clashes between the Syrian Forces and the militants, in which dozens of the terrorists were killed or wounded.

The sources said that the Syrian Army alongside the NDF fighters launched their joint operation against the militant groups in Saraqb area, killed tens of them and destroyed their military equipment.

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