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Syrian Refugees Returning Home in Southern Aleppo after Militants’ Recent Defeats

15 November 2015 8:38


First groups of Syrian refugees are returning to the newly-liberated areas in the Southern, Southeastern and Southwestern parts of Aleppo after the pro-government forces pushed back militant groups from vast territories in the Northern province, sources said Saturday.

According to Syrian sources, hundreds of Syrian people who left Aleppo after ISIL and other militant groups raided and occupied their towns and villages are now returning home.

Military sources announced earlier today that the Syrian Army, popular forces and Hezbollah, with the Russian warplanes’ back up, have seized back nearly 410 square kilometers of land in the Northern province of Aleppo.

The Syrian Army, National Defense Forces (NDF), the Lebanese Hezbollah and other pro-government fighters have regained almost 410 square kilometers of Aleppo’s territories since the start of their massive operations early in October, the military sources said.

The same sources said earlier today, the Syrian Army and Hezbollah fighters have significantly advanced against the militant groups in Southwestern Aleppo province and captured a new area along the strategic Aleppo-Damascus highway, The pro-government forces pushed back the militant groups from the Southwestern part of Aleppo near highway to Damascus and won back ICARAD area just opposite side to Kusaybiyah town after fierce clashes with the terrorists, that ended in the full recapture of the area and killing or wounding of many of them, the sources said.

The sources further added that the Syria army and Hezbollah are advancing towards al-Zerba town.

Reports said on Friday that he sources said that the Syrian Army’s 4th Mechanized Division, the Syrian Armed Forces, Hezbollah, and their Iraqi allies have taken control of 341 square kilometers of territory in Southern Aleppo.

As a result of their success in Southern Aleppo, the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies have paved the way for their reentry into the Idlib province, the province that they were forced to withdraw from over the summer.

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