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20-Vehicle Convoy of ISIL Targeted by Army Northwest of Syria’s Aleppo

16 November 2015 6:56


A long convoy of ISIL’s vehicles with at least 20 military vans was traced and targeted by the Syrian Army on a local road in the Northwestern countryside of Aleppo on Sunday.

The ISIL convoy, loaded with weapons and ammunition, came under the army attack on the axis of Reytan towards Bashkoy, where most of the militants’ vehicles were completely destroyed and their guard were killed or wounded too.

Earlier today, The Syrian Army and popular forces restored security to a key village and its surroundings in the Western countryside of Aleppo after heavy clashes with al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front and killing scores of them.

The Nusra positions near al-Mansoura village came under massive offensive of the pro-government forces, who not only broke through the defense lines of the Nusra militants, but also entered the village and took it back from the terrorist group.

Al-Mansoura village and its nearby areas are now under full control of the Syrian army.

The Nusra militants’ military vehicles and equipment were seriously destroyed in the army attack.

Meantime, the Syrian Armed Forces alongside Hezbollah fighters continued their joint attacks on terrorists’ defense lines in at least four regions in Aleppo’s countryside on Sunday, killing or wounding scores of them.

The Syrian army troops and resistance forces of Hezbollah targeted the positions of the ISIL terrorists near al-Bab city, Maskaneh, al-Afesh and Akouleh across the Eastern and Northeastern countryside of Aleppo city.

The ISIL militants have been pinned down as a resulted of the pro-government forces’ offensives in which the terrorist group has suffered heavy death toll.

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