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Iraqi Kurds unearth another mass grave near Sinjar

16 November 2015 14:18


A mass grave containing the bodies of dozens of Izadi Kurds murdered by Takfiri Daesh terrorists has been discovered in northern Iraq.

Located near the newly-liberated Iraqi town of Sinjar, the mass grave contains the bodies of up to 60 Izadi men, women and children, Sinjar’s director of intelligence Qasim Samir said on Sunday.

Detailed information about the grave is unavailable now because the surrounding area is believed to be filled with homemade bombs, preventing investigators from reaching it, Samir said.

This is the second mass grave uncovered by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters near Sinjar in the past three days.

On Saturday, they found another mass grave, which contained the remains of 78 Izadi women aged between 40 and 80 killed by Daesh. Some young Izadi women who had witnessed the executions and later escaped from Daesh’s captivity said the terrorist group had forced them into sexual slavery.

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