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Syrian Army Captures Strategic Village North of Lattakia Province

16 November 2015 14:21



The Syrian Army and popular forces won another battle against al-Nusra Front, with Russian choppers’ back up, and retook full control over Kabani village in the Northern part of the coastal Lattakia province on Monday.

The sources said that the Syrian Armed Forces raided the defense lines of Nusra terrorists at Kabani to the North of Rweiset Eskandar, seizing this village after Nusra withdrew from their posts in order to evade the swarming Russian MI-24 Hind Helicopter Gunships.

Sources said earlier today that he Syrian Army and National Defense Forces (NDF) continued their joint operations against militants’ strongholds in the Northeastern territories of the coastal province of Lattakia and seized full control over several strategic hills, a village and a vast region.

A number of strategic hills in Rweiset Eskandar, including Height 1149 and Height 1143, the village of Beit Abu Risha and Kitf al-Saour area were recaptured by the Syrian army and the NDF after the militant groups retreated forces due to the pro-government forces’ massive attack on their position in the Northeastern parts of Lattakia province.

The militant groups left behind tens of dead or wounded members and their destroyed military equipment and fled the battlefronts.

Meantime, the Syrian forces seized a large number of weapons and remarkable amount of ammunition after pushing back the militant groups form their concentration centers.

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