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Iraqi Army Destroys ISIS Arsenal, Retakes New Areas in Ramadi

17 November 2015 10:51

Ekran Alıntısı

The Iraqi Army backed by popular forces destroyed a vehicle carrying ISIS’s missiles in Anbar Province as army units took control of several new areas in the Western Iraqi province.

The ISIS’s missiles were destroyed by the Iraqi troops in Hasibiya region in the Eastern parts of Anbar province and 7 ISIS militants who were in the vehicle were also killed.

The Iraqi forces also managed to win back new areas in the Southwestern parts of Anbar province.

On Monday, the Al-Anbar Joint Operations Headquarters in a statement announced that the ISIS Takfiri terrorist group’s judge and 70 other terrorists have been killed in Anbar province.

A sum of 20 terrorists were killed during the mop-up operations in Albu Manahi and Albu Daij towns in Fallujah while 15 others were wounded and their three machinegun-equipped vehicles were destroyed, said the statement.

Meantime, 50 other terrorists were killed in the army’s military operation in Albu Faraj region, it added.

On Friday, a sum of 250 ISIS terrorists were killed in military operations in Ramadi city in Anbar province as the Iraqi forces regained control of Albu Hayat area.

Also on Friday, the Iraqi joint forces started new round of operations from three different directions to take full control over the city of Ramadi.

The Iraqi army and the popular forces launched new offensives from the West, Southwest and North against the terrorists’ positions in the center of the city of Ramadi.

The Iraqi forces, meantime, purged terrorists from several areas in the Western suburban areas of Ramadi city.

The Iraqi army and popular forces entered Ramadi after seizing back Al-Warar military base near the city.


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