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Islamic Center of Washington: Recent terror attacks target image of Islam

17 November 2015 7:23


Center for Islamic teachings in Washington DC issued a statement condemning the recent terror attacks saying that the incidents aimed at misrepresenting Islam.

Islamic Center of Washington DC in a statement reacted to the recent terrorist attacks in the French capital of Paris noting that such brutal violence are scheduled and performed in an expanded net which aims at misrepresenting Islam, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Part of the statement runs,” The moving incidents which have happened in different parts of the world during the past recent days, are symptoms for the drop in high human values.”

The statement extended regret for the explosions in Shia districts in Southern Beirut, Russian passenger plane crash in Sini, beheading of seven Hazara Shia Muslims in Afghanistan, terror attacks against French civilians saying that,” It is appaling that all thesecrimes committed by Daesh show the dominance of these terrorist groups and their supporters over the people whose religious beliefs, demands and lifestyle are in contrast with the petrified deviate ideologies and illegal plans by the criminal terrorists.”

Islamic Center of Washington, in this statement, expressed regret that the illogical plans and violent attacks are scheduled, performed and then propagated in an extended net which aims at providing an inverted image of holy Islam, the peace, friendship, fraternity in the divine religion.

According to the statement, there will be no end to supported terrorism unless the media and political authorities find a true understanding of the horrible objectives and function of the terror groups and take true steps against terrorist groups who have targeted hopes, love and peaceful life of the people across the globe.

Islamic Center of Washington denounced the inhumane crimes and extended condolences over the killing of civilians in the recent terror attacks.

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