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Senior Politician: Terrorists’ Defeat in Syria Forcing West to Organize Peace Talks in Europe

17 November 2015 16:10



A senior Jordanian politician voiced pessimism at the effectiveness of the Vienna meetings to help put an end to the Syrian crisis, and said that the terrorists’ defeats in Syria has forced their western backers to take part in the talks in the Austrian capital.

“When the US and its regional allies found themselves weakened on Syria’s battle scene, they held the Geneva I, Geneva II and Vienna talks; now the Syrian nation continues its support for its leader and the battle against terrorists will continue in Iraq and Syria until full suppression of terrorism,” Deputy Head of Jordan’s Anti-Zionist Society Rashed al-Ramhi told FNA on Tuesday.

He underlined that the only solution to the Syrian crisis is fighting terrorism and forcing Saudi Arabia to stop all-out support for the terrorists.

Al-Ramhi said many of the Syrian opposition groups are in direct contact with foreign countries which themselves take order from the Zionist-led Imperialism, and their goal is disintegration of Syria and weakening its unity.

He reiterated that the first thing which has to be done is putting an end to Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s financial and logistical backup for the terrorists in Syria.

Al-Ramhi pointed to Saudi Arabia’s stance on the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and said, “Saudi Arabia’s warmongering policies in Syria are more in line with the colonialists’ plans for disintegrating the region and meeting Israel’s interests rather than being related to the reinstatement or ouster of Bashar Assad.”

In relevant remarks in early November, a senior lawmaker in Damascus underlined that partnership of Syria’s key allies, specially Iran, in the international talks in Vienna is of vital importance to the future of his nation.

“The presence of Iran and other Syrian allies in the Vienna talks guarantees safeguarding Syria’s sovereignty,” Syrian MP Jamal Rabe’eh told FNA.

He noted that the presence of Iran and other allies of Damascus also ensures that the Syrian nation will keep its right of self-determination despite the US pressures.

In early September, Rabe’eh underlined that his country “welcomes Iran and Russia’s military assistance” in campaign against terrorism, and said the Egyptian government has also voiced readiness to help Syria in the fight against the terrorist groups.

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