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Terrorist Strongholds Destroyed Badly by Gov’t Forces North of Syria’s Aleppo

17 November 2015 10:45



The Syrian Army troops and the country’s National Defense Forces (NDF) intensified their joint operation against the terrorist groups in the Northern countryside of Aleppo on Tuesday and destroyed their military equipment.

Kafr Hamra, Tal Msaibeen and al-Twaihna were the scenes of heavy clashes between the pro-government forces and the militants, whose military hardware sustained heavy damage in the army attack.

Scores of the militants were also killed or wounded by the Syrian forces.

Sources said on Monday that the militants’ defense lines in the Northwestern part of Aleppo had been under joint heavy attacks of the Syrian Army and Hezbollah fighters for several continued days, which pinned down the terrorists and killed or wounded scores of them.

Takfiri terrorists suffered heavy death toll after the Syrian army alongside Hezbollah fighters stormed their positions near Bashkoy and Tal Mseibin towns and the villages of Sifat Dweir al-Zaitoun and Kafr Hamra.

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