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Terrorists Withdraw from New Area in Syria’s Lattakia Province

17 November 2015 10:43



The Syrian Army and popular forces pushed back the militant groups from a strategic area near Ghamam town in the coastal province of Lattakia on Tuesday after killing and wounding scores of the terrorist.

The militants’ defense lines in Bakdash mountain came under attacks of the government forces, whose offensives was so heavy that caused the militants to retreat from the fighting area.

The mountainous area is now under full control of the Syrian forces.

The militant groups left behind tens of dead bodies and fled the battlefield.

Sources said on Monday that the Syrian army and popular forces continued to push back the terrorist groups from the Northern parts of Lattakia and entered the strategic village of Deir Hanna.

The pro-government forces, after fierce clashes with the militant groups and breaking through their defense lines this morning, entered Deir Hanna.

The militant groups reportedly suffered heavy death toll in the Syrian forces’ operation and retreated the remaining of forces from the battlefront.

In the meantime, a wide-scale assault of the Takfiri terrorists on the government forces’ positions near Ghamam town was repelled by the Syrian soldiers, in which tens of the militants were killed or wounded.

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