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1,200 European Daesh members returned home from Syria, Iraq in 2 years

18 November 2015 7:14


Over 1,200 Europeans who had joined Daesh Takfiri terrorists in Syria and Iraq have returned to their countries of origin over the last two years, a report says.

According to an Associated Press analysis of government figures, 250 terrorists have returned to France, some 350 to the UK, 250 to Germany, 130 to Belgium, a total of 125 to Sweden, and the rest are spread out across the continent.

The report quotes a lawyer who represents the Takfiri returnees as saying that most of those who return to France are arrested and charged with terrorism.

“The justice system is trying to make the effort to figure out who is dangerous and who is not, but because they don’t have the manpower, they put them all in prison, and that can make them dangerous,” he said.

“There are so many of these people who now wait in prison, without knowing their fate. They are going to get more frustrated, ask ‘why are you leaving me in prison to rot?'”

The report adds that according to official figures, some 520 French nationals are currently fighting alongside the Takfiri terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

France has been in turmoil since Friday when at least 132 people were killed and 350 others injured during attacks carried out in Paris by Daesh terrorists.

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